The Ever Unfolding Room


When everyone comes together, something Powerful happens

This is story about wonder, acceptance and love. Join Big D, the elephant and 11 charismatic animals from all walks of life as they find themselves in a new world altogether in the form of a baby's nursery. They’ll soon discover each other’s quirks and charm as they enter the world of the ‘Beautiful Lady’ and her child to be.


My daughter and I are so moved by your book. It's lovely and captures the essence of childhood innocence and discovery. We each found a character to identify with. I love all the cute animal water colors, but my favorites are the fox and bear. Stephanie especially felt for the bear because she has a soft blankie she wears, too. Thank you so much!

May Au Jue,

Written by Alysse Ohara

Illustrated by Natalie Woo

9”x12”, Softcover, 20 pages, mostly text


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